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Unlock the Secrets of Love and Success: Jim, a #1 Bestselling Author and Recipient of Numerous Prestigious Awards, Delivers a Groundbreaking Perspective. Dive Deep into the Intricate Interplay Between Love, Self-Worth, and Professional Partnerships.

In this transformative exploration, Jim illuminates how cultivating self-love becomes the cornerstone of authentic connections and fruitful collaborations. Discover how nurturing a profound sense of self-worth enhances your relationships and positions you as the go-to partner in the business realm.

Through captivating insights and real-life anecdotes, Jim empowers you to harness the transformative power of love to propel your life and career to unprecedented heights. Embrace this journey of self-discovery and watch as your relationships flourish and your professional endeavours soar.

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Relationship

A Life of Value, Purpose and True Success Is Yours

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The degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you can love, and ultimately respect others and this affects the bottom-line of relationships in life and business.

Inside this book you'll discover that love has more to do with success than you were taught.

PLUS how to maintain balance, how to have a healthy attitude, time-management strategies,

dealing with change and a whole lot more.

We love working with Jim Hetherington! From our initial call he was calm, clear and welcoming – just what you need when you’re a busy entrepreneur with a million things to process. We discussed the operations and goals for our individual businesses and Jim was able to immediately grasp where we were and where we were headed. He brought clarity to existing sticking points, helped us refine current processes and identify new opportunities. We highly recommend working with Jim Hetherington as a business coach.

Thank you Jim!

- David and Laura Lecluse - Entrepreneurs

– Guillaume McMartin & Trish Taylor

See What Others Just Like You

Say About Jim

" Helped me see relationships in a whole new way"

Jim provided invaluable advice and insights on marriage that I had not previously

considered. His mentoring helped me better prepare to embark on a lifelong

journey together with my partner. I was surprised that no one else in my life had

challenged me to do this kind of inward reflection on the importance of

communication and mutual respect in a relationship.

– Aaron And Jessica

"I wish I knew these things when I was younger"

Anyone who has the privilege of working with Jim or listening to his teaching will

be encouraged.

 He highlighted the need for discussion around topics that aren’t communicated openly. 

It really put us in the right frame of mind and gave us a good foundation to build on moving forward in our marriage. 

Thanks for your guidance Jim.

– Trevor And Rebekah

"We have new confidence now that we've worked with Jim"

Hey, we are really excited to enter into this new chapter in our life. We wanted someone that could help us out in our new journey so, we got a hold of Jim and we are glad we did. He Helped us with topics like frustrations, finances and future goals. We enjoyed our time working with Jim and  we feel more confident getting married and building our life together.

We really recommend working with Jim.

– Sam And Karla

"A Mentor Is Someone Who Allows You To See Hope Inside Yourself" 

                                               ----  Oprah Winfrey

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. Jim has been mentored by some of the major influential leaders of the present world.  Some of his mentors include :

Brian Tracy

Les Brown

Bob Proctor

Shared Stage With...

Jim has shared his knowledge with large and small audiences around the world.

He has given talks to corporate and business groups where he has taught on the importance of living a balanced life. Jim encourages his audiences that they can be successful in their careers and businesses and still have great relationships in every area of life; it doesn’t have to be either or.

Jim has also shared stage with some of the great influential people today. 

Rey Perez

" CEO & Founder of Multimedia Marketing & Event Promotions Company, AMP Productions"

Jack Canfield

"American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur"

Ona Brown

"Success-ologist" who escorts individuals, teams, corporations, and non-profits on the journey to discovering how to excel beyond ...

And Many More....

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