• Your Relationship Rescue Handbook

    Your Relationship Rescue Handbook


    11 "F" Words to Increase the Love

  • About the Book

    It can be very challenging today to have a healthy and happy marriage or long-term relationship. With the demands on our personal lives, running businesses and working, going to school and studying, it's hard to have balance when it comes to relationships. Young people today have a difficult time finding quality people to date or to have in a meaningful relationship. But there is hope. One of the top reasons that cause marriages and relationships to fall apart is not being prepared. Not knowing what we value as an individual can affect our relationships. If we don't know what we believe in, or stand for, we can't expect to know what we are looking for in a long-term relationship. We can't relate fully with people if we are unclear on our personal value and vision for our own life or the relationships we find ourselves in. In the pages of Your Relationship Rescue Handbook you will examine 11 areas that are worth looking into to see what you believe.


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  • About the Author

    Jim Hetherington

    Jim Hetherington

    Jim Hetherington is a coach, speaker and award-winning author. He has worked for over 23 years teaching and equipping people to have meaningful relationships in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. He is passionate about working alongside individuals and couples to help them understand the importance of knowing what they believe. As they get to know who they are, they can begin to invest deeper in the relationship they long for. Through speaking engagements and training events, Jim teaches the importance of knowing what we value as an individual. When we know ourselves, what we want, and where we are going as we invest in relationships they are healthier because we are attracted to like minded people.

  • Your Relationship Rescue Coach

    As a Certified Coach, Jim Hetherington can provide the support and encouragement you need to reach your full potential in life, relationships and career. Visit www.yourrelationshiprescuecoach.com for more information and to register for your free 30 minute session!